Photographing these remarkable best friends was such an honour!

Growing up, I was surrounded by strong and inspiring women, all of who came to visit me today for a catch up… which ended in a very impromptu photo shoot!

These women have played a big part in my life. My mum and her beautiful friends still giggle and celebrate like teenagers. They were endlessly amused by their self-designed photo shoot (especially loving the baby bath!) 

My gorgeous godmother wearing the light purple sweater turns 84 next month yet she looks and acts like she is decades younger.  “It’s the Italian skin that keeps us all looking so youthful!” they tell me. 

I will cherish these photos of my mother and her friends for years to come. My eldest daughter, who is in absolute awe of her Nonna, ordered a copy of the pictures for herself as soon as I sent them to her! Knowing that, and being able to capture so much love and youth… well my job is complete!

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