Many moons ago, when I was just 25, I met Grandma and Grandpa. In fact, they were my bosses all those years ago! I recently reconnected with them and their families and had a lovely afternoon chatting to them about how they met. 

Even though I love photographing families, my obsession lies with the elderly… the history, curiosity and unknown gets me every time! There is no better way to acknowledge an old person’s life than by asking them to talk about it, be truly interested and be a good listener. The photos that go with it tell a story too, about their lives and can be cherished forever. 

Grandma and Pa met at a dance school in Brisbane. Both were upgraded as teachers and one quick step-dance turned into a quick step-date! They were married by 18 and worked many jobs, owning several businesses over the years. 

They have 4 beautiful children, 12 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. This year marks 65 years of marriage; an absolute achievement and true love story. 

There is nothing Grandma can’t do with her hands – she still crotchets teddies for all her great grandchildren. Pa was always the handy man; there wasn’t anything he couldn’t make!

Now their days are filled with Bingo, Pa following one bingo card and Grandma of course has two. The odd doctors appointment, but generally they are both healthy and loving life in their beautiful home together surrounded by so much love from their families.

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