Location, Location, Location: How to Choose the Perfect Family Photoshoot Location


As the saying goes: location, location, location! If you’re thinking about a family photo shoot, it’s probably something that’s on your mind… where is the perfect location for our photoshoot?!

 I count my blessings that I get to live somewhere as beautiful as the Gold Coast, and there are so many stunning spots for photoshoots. From the beach to the hinterland, to the studio, there are seriously endless options when it comes to shooting locations! In this blog, I’ll talk you through some of my favourite photoshoot spots, and their pros and cons, for family photoshoots.


Beach photoshoots are certainly a family favourite – and for good reason! Not only does it capture the coastal lifestyle perfectly, but it also adds gorgeous colour and texture to images. I’ve shot families at full light and dusk on the southern beaches, and whilst I love the outcome of both, I lean more to a sunset beach shoot. The dusk hours take away the harsh sun of full daylight and add a stunning pastel-hue, and it’s also much more enjoyable for little ones (and grown-ups!) to be out of the heat. The beach is also a really comfortable place for a photo shoot. If you or anyone in your family is feeling nervous or self-conscious about a photoshoot, I try to choose a spot where there are no other people around. Plus, there’s a new level of ease and comfort when your shoes are off and the sand is between your toes!

I recommend a beach shoot if you and your family are familiar with the beach, aren’t too worried if clothes get wet or sandy, and are genuinely comfortable by the ocean. I don’t recommend a beach shoot if the beach isn’t a special place for your family, or if you feel uncomfortable around the sand or sea.

Green Spaces

 Earlier this year, I did a family shoot in the Mount Tambourine Botanic Gardens, and my love for family photoshoots took on a whole different love! A photoshoot surrounded by the lush, green, Gold Coast surrounds is spectacular. The setting is perfect for a slightly more formal shoot (compared to somewhere like the beach) and the colours of nature complement any skin tone or clothing colour scheme. I also find that children are engaged in green nature more so than anywhere else, and capturing their gentle awe makes for incredible photos. The Kelani Photography Studio backs onto a lush park and lake, full of native trees and seasonal fauna.

I recommend a green nature-style shoot for families that want a slightly more formal shoot that isn’t inside. I don’t recommend a nature shoot if you or your children aren’t comfortable or connected in green spaces.


 I may be biased, but the Kelani Photography Studio is a light-filled, airy, picture-perfect location for any family photoshoot! An outdoor shoot isn’t right for every family, nor is it the style every person is after. Studio shots are stunning and curated. Because the background isn’t as complex as an outdoor location, the focus really lies in the faces, emotions, and connection between your family members. The Studio is full of toys and trinkets to keep little hands busy during a shoot, and I’ve found that children enjoy a studio shoot just as much as an outdoor one.

I recommend a studio shoot for families who want a stylized, emotive photoshoot. Studio shoots are great for total privacy during your photos. I don’t recommend a studio shoot for families who prefer wide-open spaces or want an on-location shoot.

Above all, the most important thing when it comes to a photoshoot location is how your family connects to the place itself. The most special shoots are the ones when the family has an anecdote or memory connected to where they are. If you need help or have a question about your shoot location, I’m here to talk! Get in touch via the contact tab.

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