Meet My Sister! Wholesome Bellies Retreat Photoshoot


Meet Fiona: business owner, entrepreneur, food extraordinaire, veggie-lover, wife, mother, a do-er of all things, and the wearer of many hats! To me, she always has been and always will be my darling, darling sister.


Fiona is my younger sister and closest confidant. We went from sharing Barbies to sharing practically everything, from our greatest dreams to our business endeavours! She’s been a key ingredient to my own personal and professional development (especially the Kelani Photography journey!) and I’m so excited to share this special post with you about her greatest upcoming adventure…


For over 20 years, Fiona and her husband, Anoop, have run a successful corporate uniform company based in Brisbane. Together, they have two beautiful kids (who I’m sure you’ve seen on my feed more than a couple of times!). Fiona’s been a vegetarian for almost as long as I can remember. She’s a lover of health and wellness, both internal and external and has a wealth of knowledge. Seriously, if you have a health question, Fiona can answer it!


I can attest to the feeling of a middle-aged shift. When my husband and I sold our business, I knew my heart was set on pursuing something completely different that unleashed creativity: photography. I think I can safely say the same for Fiona. A few years ago, her passion project “Wholesome Bellies” was launched as a humble Instagram page sharing healthy recipe ideas for families. I remember speaking to her on the phone shortly after she started the account, and she was elated – it was getting some serious attention. People were commenting from all over the world, brands were reaching out to collaborate, and her photo likes were through the roof. I think our whole family knew right away – Fiona had founded something really special with Wholesome Bellies. Most of all, Fiona was a part of this project as much as it was a part of her; her excitement was unparalleled!


And so, over the years that followed the inception of Wholesome Bellies, Fiona now runs a whole business that champions vegan cooking classes and health retreats (plus a HUGE venture coming soon… so you’ll have to follow her to find out when it’s revealed!). I was lucky enough to head to one of her first retreats and I can’t even begin to summarise the experience. It was incredible. Fiona comes alive around food, and her passion is clear in everything she does. We cooked, we ate, we drank wine and we danced! There’s something infinitely special about seeing the people you love, love what they do (and absolutely nailing it at the same time!). I’ve wanted to share these photos for a while; I think you can see from the food and our expressions just how awesome it was!


I’m so proud of Fiona, and to call her my sister is a real honour. I absolutely implore you to check out Wholesome Bellies and all the incredible things Fiona is doing!


Love you, sis x


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