Meet Mercy, Sonia and Darius

Talk about cuteness overload… I was so excited for this shoot after meeting mum, Mercy, and hearing all about her little ones, Sonia and Darius. 

We went for a gold, Christmas-inspired theme in the studio. The kids were very enthusiastic to tell me about what Santa was going to bring! 🎅🏼

The general consensus was lots of chocolate!

Mum also joined in for a few photos and cuddles before we headed out to the studio garden.

I love the look in Darius’ eyes in the photo where he’s looking up at his mum talking all things presents. 

This series is true to the testament that there is nothing as special as a mother-child bond.

Captured in these photos is a love like no other; in every look, touch and cuddle, you can see how much these two cuties love their mumma.

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