As a child, I grew up eating pasta – homemade gnocchi, fettuccine, bucatini amatriciana – you name it – my mum could just about make every type of pasta. One of my favorites of all her pasta dishes was her homemade Ciriole, with Napoli sauce. This dish was a traditional dish from my grandma’s home town in Terni, a city found in Umbria, Italy– and it didn’t matter what time of the day it was, pasta was always very comforting and even a snack!

When you have grown up your whole life eating pasta everyday for lunch there is no surprise why our family all adore pasta!
It wasn’t unusual for us to open our pantry to find full cases of “pomodori”. Cases of tomotoes that is!
We always walked into a house smelling the delicious “sugo.” A smell that still lingers in my home today when I cook pasta!
It’s such a comforting feeling.
Now generations later my amazing mum has shared her passion not only with her children but her grandchildren.
Traditional homemade pasta is easy and simple to make but watching her making it brings another element of joy to our faces.
I thought I would document these lifestyle photos of my brother and his children learning how to make Nonna’s homemade pasta so these moments would be preserved for years to come.
I love how nothing is too hard for mum when it comes to teaching the family!
Mess is never an issue, the more hands involved the prouder she gets. Even when my little brother who is way taller than me, torments her with rubbing flour in her face- she still manages to laugh!

I hope you enjoy the photos!

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