Three Peas Marketing 

For over twenty years, my husband and I owned our own business in the automotive industry. That business was our first baby, and the thing we loved most was the unique community vibe that I believe only comes with a local business. I have the same feeling about my current work with Kelani Photography – it’s scary, exciting, consuming, and rewarding – and every shoot, I fall in love with the people I meet and the relationships I capture.


When I first connected with the ladies from Three Peas Marketing, I knew that we were riding the same wavelength. Let me tell you, nothing is more energising than connecting with like-minded creatives! We hit it off right away, and I loved learning about their business mission and goals to work into the photoshoot styling.



Kate, Elisha, and Katrina share a relationship that goes beyond friendship – they are a sisterhood – and shooting photos for their new business venture made me feel like part of the gang! You can see from the photos just how genuine and deep their friendship runs, which really is the key to any successful business venture!

Overall, for this shoot, we went with a very smart-casual vibe. Long gone are the days of stale corporate imagery, and it was really fun executing a backdrop that spoke volumes to the ladies’ work, personalities, and friendship. When it came to exterior shots, I found a gorgeous local café (Jac+Eileens!). I instantly loved their décor and the pops of colour that I knew would accent the subjects, not hinder. I think the Three Peas were pretty excited to be sipping coffee at a photoshoot, too! For the interior, I wanted to keep things fresh with plenty of natural light, clean-slate white backgrounds, and minimalist décor. When we spoke about what the girls would wear for the shoot, I had each bring in a few changes of clothes, plus plenty of quick-change options, like blazers and jackets to mix up the shots.


These awesome women really are like three peas in a pod! I loved working with them on their personal branding, and I can’t wait to see where Three Peas Marketing goes! You can learn more about their business and what they do here: https://threepeas.co/


If you’re interested in a personal branding shoot, get in touch today via my contact page!

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